Manual way to recover data from corrupted OST file in Outlook

Do you get the error “OST file is not recognized by Outlook”? If the answer is yes. This message will help you with possible solutions to recover data from corrupted OST file.

Causes and solutions for data recovery error from corrupted OST file


This article describes how to resolve this error. Here are some guidelines for resolving data from corrupted OST file in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003.

Let’s start.

Let’s take a look at what OST files are and why they cause this error. Then proceed to some of the best ways to repair corrupted files.

Cause of OST file error not recognized by Outlook

Many Outlook users have problems with mailboxes not opening or missing items. Depending on the version you are using, you may get errors such as “OST file not recognized by Outlook 2010” or “OST file not recognized by Outlook 2016”.

As a result, it is important for the user to understand the cause of the problem.

The most common cause of this problem is OST file corruption. If the OST file is corrupted, Outlook will not recognize it.

If the OST file does not match the size of your Exchange Server mailbox, you may get an error.

If there is a synchronization error between the Exchange server and the OST file. MS Outlook does not recognize Outlook OST files.

As a result, Outlook will report this error in such cases.

So far, we’ve covered some manual approaches to solving these types of problems.

Manually recover data from corrupted OST file

To solve these problems that Outlook users are experiencing. You need to follow the manual below.

Method 1: Recover data from corrupted OST file

Users can use the scanpst.exe tool provided by MS Outlook in this way. This is a built-in tool that helps users diagnose and repair corrupted OST files. To do this, follow these steps:


Launch the Inbox Repair Tool.

Click the browse button and select the corrupted OST file.
The scanning process starts as soon as you press the start button.

When the scan is complete, a list of errors will be generated. Then press the restore button.

After the recovery process is complete, reload the Outlook application.



Using these methods only fixes minor corruption issues in the OST file.

If you do not follow the steps carefully, you run the risk of losing your data. If the file is severely damaged, use auto-fix to resolve the issue.

Automatic solution to deal with “Outlook not recognizing OST” error due to corruption

You have no choice but to use a third-party tool as your solution. You can use SysTools OST Recovery software to avoid all the inconveniences of manual techniques.

Easily resolve corruption issues and make your Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 file data accessible. In addition, the software includes the ability to recover password protected data files. This application allows you to decrypt OST emails and remove the encoding of OST-emails.

Method 2: Recreate the OST file

This method helps the user solve the problem. In Outlook, you need to create a new OST file. Follow the steps in the next section to create a new OST file.


Step 1: Close Outlook, go to Control Panel and click the Mail button.

Step 2: In the Email Settings dialog, select View Profile and select the profile name and properties.

Step 3: Select your Exchange account on the Email tab and click the Change button to activate Use Cash Exchange Mode.

Step 4: Select Other Settings >> Advanced Offline File Settings Offline.

Step 5: Select Disable Offline Use from the menu, then select Yes.

Step 6: Return to the offline folder settings and select OK and Yes again.

Step 7: Select Use Cache Exchange Mode from the Cache Exchange Mode Settings menu. Step 8: Select OK Free Articles and proceed to Next to complete.

Step 9: You need to close the Account and Email Setup Wizard.

Last thought

I have tried to fix the most common Outlook errors in this article.

Recovering data from corrupted OST file We recommend some manual methods to solve this problem.